July 10, 2009

John Cotton

I like to collect cards of people I know, went to school with, or who are from my area. Probably the most well known player from this area is Adrian Peterson. However, I don't have any of his cards and probably won't be posting any unless I can get one signed. Perhaps one of these days I'll pick up a few and see if he'll sign a few. Hey, I've got connections.

The first post on this blog was from one of the local players. I thought it was about time to feature another.

Here's a card that I pulled out of a pack back in '92. Upper Deck released their first minor league set that year and I got the one card I was interested in: #321 John Cotton. John was playing for the Indians farm system at the time. Back in '91 he had the most stolen bases (57) in their minor league system.

I played Little League baseball against John (who was about a month younger than me) and his older brother. I haven't seen either of these guys in years. I did happen to run into his brother once back when we were both attending the same college about a year before this card was issued.

Recently I decided to pick up a few of his other cards. I bought this 2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond card off of Ebay last week. This card features a piece of his uniform that he wore during one of his games while playing in the 2000 Olympics. The USA team won the gold that year.

Last week I also bought his 2000 Bowman Chrome card, #108. This one has him with his Colorado Rockies uniform. The back states that he is the second person to play the most minor league games (1,273) that has not been called up to the majors.

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