June 30, 2009

Jack McDowell

Jack McDowell played for the White Sox from 1987-1994. I enjoyed watching him during that period, which is probably about the time I sent this card to him. When he returned my card he also enclosed a flyer to promote his band, (I believe it was V.I.E.W. at that time or it might have been Stickfigure). I never sent off for one of his tapes; I looked for that flyer but seemed to have misplaced it.

During his career with the White Sox he as voted the Sporting News Pitcher of the Year, won the Cy Young Award, and was an All-Star three times.

After leaving Chicago he played with the Yankees, followed by the Indians, and ending up with the Angels.

Here's Black Jack McDowell on his 1989 Donruss:

June 26, 2009

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme

Back when I was just getting into TTM autograph collecting I picked up an issue of an autograph collecting magazine. Back then the internet was a rare thing; in fact, I don't believe I had ever had the experience of surfing the 'net, nor did I even own a computer.

Anyway, there was an article that included an envelope with Squeaky's address on it. I had to use a magnifying glass just to be able to make out the address. I knew as long as I had her prison ID number I would be ok; I was working for the Texas prison system at that time and had a clear understanding how a number followed a person around the system and that's all you really needed. So, if the address in Florida was old the letter would eventually catch up with her.

I mailed my letter to Squeaky back in 1997. I was surprised to get a reply. For a long time I didn't understand what she was talking about when she meantioned that all she was concerned with was "air, trees, water, animals". A few years later I read something about ATWA and learned what it meant. Fromme and Sandra Good use this term often to talk about the life force of nature.

Lynette Fromme was somewhat of an icon back in the day. If some of you youngsters are still scratching your head wondering who this chick is I have two words for you: Manson Family. But that's not why she is in federal prison; attempting to kill President Ford landed her that gig.

Squeaky was one of Charlie's girls. She lived out at the Spahn ranch with him and the rest of his group. When he and the others went on trial for the Tate/Labianca killings she shaved her head and gouged out an X on her forehead to protest the criminal proceedings.

Here's a pic of her and Sandra Good:

As I mentioned, she tried to assassinate Gerald Ford. On the morning of September 5, 1975 (a couple of weeks before I turned the tender age of 5, as a matter of fact) she strolled into a park in Sacramento with a loaded .45 and pointed it at the President.

She was quickly apprehended...

...and taken to jail and then to court...

...and while in court she refused to cooperate with her own lawyer; it appears she's taking some serious notes here during her trial.

These days she's cooling her hills a few hours north of me in Fort Worth. She's eligible for parole in less than two months; however, she never attends her parole hearings, therefore it is denied.

June 20, 2009


I've met Peter Mayhew on at least two different occassions. The first time was around 1996 or '97; both times were in Plano, TX at a sci-fi convention. I remember the first time I saw him. I was standing in line outside in the parking lot, waiting for the building to open, and this tall, skinny guy walked past me. I had no idea who he was, since I had never seen him without a costume on.

That was my first sci-fi convention experience. I'll be posting more pics from all those that I attended in Plano in future posts.

I had someone in line behind me take this picture:

Here's one I took of Mayhew and my wife, probably in 1999:

June 16, 2009

Bruce Campbell

Here's a DVD insert to the movie 'Army of Darkness'. I was going to a screening of 'Bubba Ho-tep' five years ago and was hoping to catch the autograph session that was being held a few hours before the movie started. I didn't have much to take other than the DVDs for the Evil Dead trilogy. So, I took what I had and made the best of it.

I got to meet Bruce again after the movie and talk briefly again. Very nice guy!

These days I get to watch Bruce on one of my favorite tv shows: Burn Notice. Catch it on A&E.

Me and Bruce:

June 15, 2009

Billy Martin

Alfred Manuel "Billy" Martin, Jr. (May 16, 1928–December 25, 1989)

I picked this card up at a card show in the early '90s, probably a year or two after Billy was killed in the car wreck. I was never a big fan but remember hearing about him a lot when I was a kid.

June 12, 2009

Jim 'Catfish' Hunter

I remember getting this card back when it was first issued. It was always one of my favorites.

I picked up a signed copy back around '90 or '91. Trust me, I didn't have to think twice about buying it. With a nickname like Catfish you had to be good. Cy Young winner...8 time All-Star...one of the few who ever pitched a perfect game...HOF'er.


And how can you not love a guy who had so many great sayings, like, for example ""The sun don't shine on the same dog's ass all the time."

I don't remember how much I paid but I don't think it was too much. Regardless, it's one of my best signed cards.

Catfish passed away nearly ten years ago at the young age of 53 as the result of a tragic accident. RIP Catfish.

I'll end this now with a little Bob Dylan:

Lazy stadium night
Catfish on the mound.
"Strike three," the umpire said,
Batter have to go back and sit down.

Catfish, million-dollar-man,
Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can.

Used to work on Mr. Finley's farm
But the old man wouldn't pay
So he packed his glove and took his arm
An' one day he just ran away.

Catfish, million-dollar-man,
Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can.

Come up where the Yankees are,
Dress up in a pinstripe suit,
Smoke a custom-made cigar,
Wear an alligator boot.

Catfish, million-dollar-man,
Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can.

Carolina born and bred,
Love to hunt the little quail.
Got a hundred-acre spread,
Got some huntin' dogs for sale.

Catfish, million-dollar-man,
Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can.

Reggie Jackson at the plate
Seein' nothin' but the curve,
Swing too early or too late
Got to eat what Catfish serve.

Catfish, million-dollar-man,
Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can.

Even Billy Martin grins
When the Fish is in the game.
Every season twenty wins
Gonna make the Hall of Fame.

Catfish, million-dollar-man,
Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can.

June 11, 2009

Jamie Easterly

I thought I would start out with my most recent signed cards. I've got 35+ years worth of stuff (cards, pics of celebrities, etc) to scan but might as well start out with the new.

I had my wife take a few cards to where she works and ask Mr. Easterly if he would sign them. I believe she might have told his son to ask him to stop by; anyway, he stopped by to see her and asked for the cards and, according to her, seemed to be more than happy to sign them. I can't say that about some people I've met (yeah...I'm talking to you, Don McLean).

I had a few cards of his from when I was a kid (one being the '78). I recently bought a few off eBay, including a '75 rookie card (which I decided not to have signed). A week after having the cards signed I was cleaning up around the 'office' and found a couple more, including a '82 Fleer showing him as a Brewer. I might have to get that one inked later so I can have cards signed showing him on three different teams.

Anway, here are the cards:

1976 Topps #511

1978 Topps #264

1986 Topps #31

An introduction

I have decided to start another blog, one where I could show off some of my other signed baseball cards like I’ve been doing on my Astros blog. Then I figured I might as well include other items that I collect: books (primarily my Joe R. Lansdale collection), records, movies, celebrity 8x10s, concert ticket stubs, etc.

I collect quite a few other things, too. Shot glasses from places I’ve been, comics, stamps, coins, old cameras, dust, debt…and many other things. These probably won’t be included. Sorry ‘bout that.

I might even give a short review of a favorite album or movie just for kicks. I’m sure I’ll be scanning all of my old ticket stubs and reliving the memories of those concerts. That was my original idea for a blog…something to showcase all the bands I’ve seen.

Anyway, this new blog will be for whatever I want to post that doesn’t fit in with my original blog.