June 30, 2009

Jack McDowell

Jack McDowell played for the White Sox from 1987-1994. I enjoyed watching him during that period, which is probably about the time I sent this card to him. When he returned my card he also enclosed a flyer to promote his band, (I believe it was V.I.E.W. at that time or it might have been Stickfigure). I never sent off for one of his tapes; I looked for that flyer but seemed to have misplaced it.

During his career with the White Sox he as voted the Sporting News Pitcher of the Year, won the Cy Young Award, and was an All-Star three times.

After leaving Chicago he played with the Yankees, followed by the Indians, and ending up with the Angels.

Here's Black Jack McDowell on his 1989 Donruss:

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  1. One of my childhood heroes and one of the best!