June 11, 2009

Jamie Easterly

I thought I would start out with my most recent signed cards. I've got 35+ years worth of stuff (cards, pics of celebrities, etc) to scan but might as well start out with the new.

I had my wife take a few cards to where she works and ask Mr. Easterly if he would sign them. I believe she might have told his son to ask him to stop by; anyway, he stopped by to see her and asked for the cards and, according to her, seemed to be more than happy to sign them. I can't say that about some people I've met (yeah...I'm talking to you, Don McLean).

I had a few cards of his from when I was a kid (one being the '78). I recently bought a few off eBay, including a '75 rookie card (which I decided not to have signed). A week after having the cards signed I was cleaning up around the 'office' and found a couple more, including a '82 Fleer showing him as a Brewer. I might have to get that one inked later so I can have cards signed showing him on three different teams.

Anway, here are the cards:

1976 Topps #511

1978 Topps #264

1986 Topps #31

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