June 11, 2009

An introduction

I have decided to start another blog, one where I could show off some of my other signed baseball cards like I’ve been doing on my Astros blog. Then I figured I might as well include other items that I collect: books (primarily my Joe R. Lansdale collection), records, movies, celebrity 8x10s, concert ticket stubs, etc.

I collect quite a few other things, too. Shot glasses from places I’ve been, comics, stamps, coins, old cameras, dust, debt…and many other things. These probably won’t be included. Sorry ‘bout that.

I might even give a short review of a favorite album or movie just for kicks. I’m sure I’ll be scanning all of my old ticket stubs and reliving the memories of those concerts. That was my original idea for a blog…something to showcase all the bands I’ve seen.

Anyway, this new blog will be for whatever I want to post that doesn’t fit in with my original blog.


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