August 17, 2009

Rhett Bomar

I recently bought several Rhett Bomar cards from various eBay vendors. Bomar played three seasons at my alma mater, Sam Houston State University.

This is the first card I bought, the 2009 Press Pass.

I liked it so much I bought four more (one to send off for a signature and others to give out to friends). I've got a lot of cards; if I had to guess I would say I own somewhere around 100,000 cards. But this one is right up there in the top ten favorites...or maybe the top five.

This was the first card in my collection with the Bearkat logo proudly displayed. This was also the first card I owned that showed a field I've spent some time on. I've run several miles on that orange track and have walked up and down those bleachers many times since 1989.

I'm also pretty sure I was at this game, which was against our biggest rival, the Stephen F. Austin State University Lumberjacks.

Here are the other cards:

2009 Upper Deck #143

2009 Bowman #150

2009 Playoff Prestige #195

2009 Topps Magic #245

The Magic cards featur veterans and rookies in the college uniforms and is based on the 1951 Magic set.

2009 Score 390

2009 Topps #423

Here's an interview where Bomar is presented with his first Topps card:

Here are two pictures I took at a game against SFA (pictures were taken from the home side). These were taken at the Lumberjack's Homecoming. We dominated those poor 'Jacks 45-17.

If you click on this next picture look in the stands above the 'Kats' #33 and you'll see a guy painted white from head to toe. This guy should have his own card. Weird...

Here's one I found on the internet (taken from the visitor's side). It's pretty cool for the simple fact that I'm right there on the third row, behind the guy with the towel on his head (above the large E); I'm also the only guy with orange on, surrounded by a sea of purple. I doubt I was very popular that day.


  1. I was really excited when Bomar was recruited to play at Oklahoma. They showed a lot of his HS film on the news and I wanted him to light it up at OU. I'm an OU fan. I knew he was a good QB and seemed like a nice guy the one time I talked to him. I wish him the best in the NFL. Those photos of yours are cool too.

  2. Thanks. I have better photos from that game, though. These were taken with an older camera, so the resolution was not that great. I'm hoping to put my new Canon to good use this season, though.

  3. Cool. I always like to see photos from the fan's perspective. It's nice to get a feel of other people's stadiums and experiences.

  4. Rhett rhocks! A great player and a better guy.